Unlocking the Potential of an Untapped Workforce

Bridging the Gap

The Criminal Justice System

Middle-Skills Job Gap

3 in 4 people leaving prison will eventually

go back


is spent by the government to keep one prisoner in prison for 

one year



of companies have trouble finding or retaining workers

of middle skilled jobs go unfilled each year

Our Mission

To overcome the negative stigma held against the formerly incarcerated while
closing the middle-skills gap.

Why Your Company Should Partner With Us

Why Your Company Should Partner With Us

Social Good

Change lives,

Build Communities


We train for your specific needs

Reduce Recidivism

Employed formerly incarcerated individuals

are less likely to commit

crimes again

Tax Benefits

Companies that partner with us

receive significant tax benefits

Free Insurance

Federal bonding program gives employers  insurance on these employees


Studies show that the formerly incarcerated stay with their employers longer

High Quality Training by Experienced Professionals

We work with our partnered employers to modify our pre-existing curriculums to fit their unique needs

Our Process

with Employers and Reentry Facilities


Our trainers work with the employer to customize the curriculum to fit the needs of the open position within the company


Upon the successful completion of the course, the candidate is guaranteed the position at the company

We work with the facility to identify the best candidate for the position, and we put them through our 5-6 week training course


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